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"One thing I love about this [decade] is this is a period where the reality is driving the expectation."
Bill Gates, 2004
International Consumer Electronics Show Keynote
William Henry Gates III was born in 1955, the second child of three brothers in the social situation in Seattle, Washington. His father, a lawyer with the companies that have many connections in the city, and his mother a teacher, who is active in charity activities. Bill is an intelligent child, but she was too full of spirit and tend to often get difficulties in school. When she was eleven years old, her parents decided to make changes and send them to the Lakeside School, an elementary school special for a prestigious boys.
At Lakeside that Gates in 1968 for the first time introduced the world's computers, in the form of a teletype machine that connected to the phone to a computer time sharing. This machine, called the ASR-33, the situation is still the market. In the main engine is a type of them students can enter the command that is sent to the computer; diketikkan answers back to the teletype paper roll. The process of making this, but change the life of Gates. He was quick with the BASIC language pemograman computer, and hackers along with their own learning in Lakeside, he missed the pro-hours writing programs, doing games, and generally learn many things about computers. "He was a 'nerd' (eksentrik)," as one of his teachers to give Gates the surname.
Around 1975, when Gates with Paul Allen at the school with the first software program to prepare for the micro-computer. As the story in Popular Electronics about the "era of computers in the house" and they both believe is the future of software. This is the beginning of Microsoft. Communication is simple: Paul and Gates discuss coke and pizza. No one is seriously considering our opinions. Everything changed in the last two decades.
Gates still like junk food, but he also spent two hours a day to read and reply to electronic mail sent by 15,000 employees of Microsoft.
In addition, many emails from outside Microsoft.
Questions range from how people experience him (fun!), What movies I like (Schindler's List and Shadowlands), to complex questions that must first open the book to be able to answer them (and also just happens to write books!).
The problem, Gates took all day to answer email and berceramah or manage perusahaanya.
Gates tried to run both, but he does not have a lot to communicate with a diverse group and a lot of email that was not answered.
Gates happy to write this article because it makes it through to communicate with a diverse group without the need to teredit disjointed or strained by a perception.
Reality, not all questions submitted via email.
Sometimes people stop at the airport Gates or urgent to answer the questions on exhibitions or children's school computer to send a letter to him.
One student recently ask a question that it is important to him. Who want to know is not something that is very philosophical, as you may think for example about the free market economy.
He only wanted to know, "Gates is already late to the field of software industry and to build a company and become rich?".
Gates happy and get the answer to that question is always the same, "This is the time to the business of software."
Gates did not say you can build other Microsoft. But at least you can get the turnover selling two million dollars a year by selling 10,000 copies a product worth 200 U.S. dollars.
Quite sizeable and can occur at any time.
Because I remember pulling Gates launch a software company, he also enjoyed success story of other people.
Small software company that always start slowly.
Someone started a company that has the idea. He, the man or woman, looking for some friends who know how to program them and then menelorkan a product.
Many works of art that they do because their work is concerned with.
Usually they make a product for a customer and as a result satisfactory, they will soon get another buyer.
If you want to start a company, find the main strategies that fit the social environment.
Forget the desire to create a word processing program to write, or a spreadsheet program to analyze financial, or other major product is already a lot of saingannya.
Instead, create a product that can help users do the specific job or be able to give practical information in areas such as pharmaceuticals, insurance, accounting, architecture, or the field of government.
Software such as the fortune that will bring small-scale.
If you are not satisfied with the fortune of a small scale, you should be on stage until the transition generation. This expensive and risky.
Every few years a generation of technology provides a new way. Remember the emergence of IBM PC in the early 1980s.
Microsoft bet IBM PC will become important. Then, create a Microsoft operating system MS-DOS for IBM PC.
The result is a pioneer in the Microsoft operating system software.
No one ever heard about Lotus to carry out a brilliant mind to create change in generation Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheet first designed specifically for the IBM PC.
Apple's Macintosh and Microsoft Windows is the winner of next, when the world wanted to leave the processing and graphics programs that only display text.
To get a big victory, you must also concentrate on generation change, something that large companies are ignored. And once taruhannya expensive.
Recently, a number of wiraswastawan speculate that the software can be used with the computer how to write by hand - not the more pressing in the case - will be a new generation of word processing software is a spreadsheet.
They start to create new products that they think will win the competition. They were wrong. A big gamble. What should I recommend to a student who wants to be wiraswastawan software?
Learn a string of companies already have.
Find your own social environment.
Berhubunganlah with Venture Capital.
Discover the smart people.
And do not forget pizza and coke.
Trust, there will be a lot of work in the late evening.

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