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Aristoteles Onassis

Aristoteles Onassis was born on 20 January 1906 in Simyrna, a Greek city in the prosperous West coast of Turkey. Tenth among the rich we are, Aristotle Onassis has extraordinary wealth, which is counted in billions, not millions. Eminency name still more with the full flush relationship with Maria Callas, the famous opera singer, and then with Jacquiline Bouvier Kennedy. And as often, stories that overdone or half-myth has been circulating about him, especially on home-usulnya simple. Perhaps, he was born from a poor family, whose lives are always shortages. I wonder, is his father's home-made higgler merchandise from door to door, and her mother's maid household. Onassis did not try to align the many opinions about the lalunya, at least in the general, because of stories like that are usually even add a brilliant aura of mystery beset him. He realized the importance of self-image of someone in achieving success, a matter we will discuss later.
In fact, the father Onassis was a wholesale trader and have a street name because he has also served president of the bank and a local hospital. But not Onassis heir in his father's wealth, and he became rich because of the wealth of his family. As we will see, he went to the United States when the controversy as the family he was 17 years old. He brought $ 450 in stock sakunya, that is only $ 250 is the money from his family. With his father, reluctant to give money as it is the new time will be provided in separate, because he does not agree with kepergiannya. Father and son has not ever been familiar, a matter between the odd Greek family in the country. Onassis's father who grew up in an agriculture with great difficulty collecting wealth.
Wataknya very disciplined and hard. Although always aware of the sense of responsibility, he is not one that can be called a warm and interesting.
Onassis soon rebelled against every form of discipline. Children up to teenagers since it was a lot of commotion and geger, thorn in his father's eyes. Their relationship grows more complicated because a reality another. His mother, Penelope, died when Onassis new six-year-old. Only 18 months after his father married again with a woman named Helen. Onassis looked as tirinya mother who smuggle people, and therefore women do not get this place in his heart the least.
In school, he was stupid and things like search, follow the examples of many rich people. Not strange if he expelled from several schools. He is most often occupied terbawah ranking in the class. One teacher said:
Friends, classmates idolize him, but because teachers and their families in despair. While he was still young, people can easily see that he will become one among those who will destroy themselves or at all successful in-gilang brilliant.
Although Ari raport in schools far from good, bakatnya to trade and the money has been visible since early. Perhaps the following can explain anekdot. One of the friends who have designed a small windmill, a simple toy that consists of the rotor berpasak paper ditancapkan the needle on the piece of wood. Proud of achievement, the child is with some fruit and try to sell it.
"How are you selling this kitiranmu?" Tanya Onassis. "Eh ... I do not know. What if the price of needles.
"Basic stupid!" Onasiss rage. "You have a needle that you're selling one hand, to screw, to wood, have not you count the time that you need to do so."
Friends Onassis infer: "This is my first lesson about the meaning of profit." At that time not by the thought that he is listening to a lesson from the champion money future. Another depicts a story of talent in the business Onasis youth. One day, a fire occurred in a warehouse in the city where the school birth. Onasiss buy seonggok pinsil former fire with cheap price. He instil a little capital to buy the two ala peruncing pinsil. He, with friends, start to clean the parts pinsil the burn. Then he sells pinsil-pinsil it back to friends at school with a very cheap price, but still large enough to provide happiness. This example may be a normal-normal, but would work like this is big business soon Onassis. He was ship-repair the damaged ship and make it feasible to sea, and sell at the price that is much higher, of course. In schools, time is running continuously, but it does not look up Onassis. Year 1922 began not fun. Many sekelasnya friend went to the science in universities in the greater Europe. But Onassis itself does not pass. The future looks bleak for him. Several days after the certificate handover ceremony, one of his friends see Onassis run without a goal in the garden city. He tried to reassure the hearts Onassis.
"Do not worry, Aristotle, see you later, all will be OK. You try again next year. You must be passed. "Foolish," answered Onassis. "You think I'll just stay here forever? The world is narrow. I need not be competent. One day you will wonder what I will do. "Time to prove that the waffle Onasis is not mere jokes.
In the year 1922, Turkish invasion cause dark shadows on the bloom of fire Onassis. Smyrnba occupied and be out of town without pity you. Onassis's father, a popular figure who, imprisoned and Ari become household head at the age of 16 years. This is a difficult period for him. And in this he kehebatannya apply as diplomats and their ability to survive in any situation. That this difficult period is exactly the right experience to form wataknya. Smyrna elapsed after the catastrophe, Ari Ari is the other's past. Dialaminya all things that have never disappeared from ingatannya; memories-memories is accompanied by an awareness of the ability to survive. He has been bet up and win. Dewi Fortuna on the side of the brave and he pusatkan vision about the world on knowledge.
Onasis that cite the benefits of doing business for the Turkish occupation. He bootleg liquor to the Turkish Army, with the intent of the general conquer that would liberate his father, who I also have to be confined in prison for a year.
Onassis success is highly dependent on the personal magnetism and ability to link with the public. Sebayanya Some people call him a chameleon. Indeed it mean to adjust with all the people who dijumpainya. In general, if we make what becomes easier for other people, they will be sympathetic to us, so the opinions Onassis.Pernah Onassis confessed to one of Winston Churchill kenalannya that sit high, which at that time are to be guests at the top, Christina ship , on the personality theory of "historical imperative" that are in the difficult period. Experience has taught him that if the natural environment provides a suitable and abundant food, it does not have a lot less energy and initiative. Conversely, those who urged wedged "week" and must fight to survive still, in difficult circumstances may be more able to adapt with the situation. Thus he will remain successful while other people die because of a design to survive. Thus, according to Onassis, hardship and misery often encourage people to find their own resources, that is not the previously suspected, and thus make progress with her smash barriers and personal limitations. Onassis life story is an excellent illustration of that principle. Socrates, the father Onassis, did not want to acknowledge the services their children in the dimainkannya role during the occupation, and not let him continue his role as a responsible family. Onassis is very sick because of this treatment and his father, according to pengakuannya, until many months after it was often a feeling of anger without power. His father's attitude is not grateful and tearful removed from their families to try to motivate the decision keberuntungannya in South America. Firstly, of course, he thought to go to the United States, but not easy to get a visa. Onassis Argentina to divert attention: she heard the news that the Greek people have become rich there.
Onassis landed in Buenos Aires on 21 September 1923. Default and an old suitcase of money as $ 450. But in himself he brings a more valuable stock: push hard to prove to his father that he was able to become rich without the help his father. The confidence this will be brought along hayatnya.
No diploma, no job, money and people have a connection, Onassis had to start by doing various menial jobs. He was a bricklayer kenek, coolie carrier brick on a building project, carpenters washing dishes in restaurants, and eventually become instalator electrical apprentice in the River Plate United Telepchone Co. For someone with ego as he is healthy, this is not a reasonable achievement.
Several months after starting this job, Onassis moved to ask the night shift, with the pretext that he had to do some things in the afternoon. With a large ambisinya, Onassis did not intend to spend more time to learn menyolder cable.
At that time, the famous Greek tobacco, even tobacco is classified among the most well-tobacco by experts. However, due to the importing and the provision of, goods to be this difficult to obtain. Onassis writing to his father requested shipment. Socrates agree and ship the first shipment as a sample. At first the result is not brisk. Onassis brought sampelnya to several factories, and requested that he be contacted.
Several weeks passed without any news. Onassis now understand that should not be a waste of time with the factories to the small, but must come to all the great. For that he must meet Juan Gaona, to one of the largest tobacco firm in Argentina. During 15 days in a row, Onassis look lean on the wall of building Gaona, to come and observe the perginya boss. Finally Gaona also feel tempted by this behavior of young people, and he was invited to the office Onassis. Onassis submit bids well. Gaona apparently impressed and Onassis is facing managers of stock. By using the name Gaona, Onassis successfully encouraging sign that contract for the purchase of tobacco for $ 10,000 with the usual commission of five percent. Later, Onassis often stated that the commission money of $ 500 is a large stone pillar kekayaannya. He does not use that money for nothing, but menabungnya in the bank to keep the alert, ready like an umbrella before it rains. With the sikapnya sparingly and wisely, Onassis sufficient life with the results of the company in obtaining the phone, and all the money remaining stored, so that he can go to the business world without borrowing money to anyone.
Onassis is sometimes forced to wait for payment while the debtor's customers. But he rarely borrow more than $ 3000 and always melunasinya as soon as possible. Soon, of course, once you use the money of Others (UOL), a matter we will discuss later, Onassis will sign a contract until the loan of several million dollars, with repayment schedules after a few years. However, the main principle is the one when people start a business debt is to return as soon as possible. Onassis build some confidence in the bank to him, a matter which he will need in the very years.
After working on night shift for a year, Onassis're out of United Telephone, the states that have an idea that will diikutinya. Dream is to create a new cigarette factory. For that he had capital of $ 25,000 savings with additional loans from the bank as well. Trust banks have started to show benefits. He employs 30 people Greek immigrants. Business quickly grow large but does not provide benefits that diharapkanya. Onassis immediately close the business. Wirausahanya the first failed. Onassis did not lose heart. Even vice versa. He is persistent. The import business is still running tembakaunya with sizable profits.
During the summer of 1929, the Greek government raised taxes in some areas, including tobacco. Onassis decided to use this opportunity to return to Greece to try to approach the authorities. At first the Minister accept that he considers kukunya own demand rather than listening to the young traders. Finally he cut the words Onassis and suddenly just want to stop talking it.
Onasis is. He said:
Thank you. If we meet sometime again, I hope you will be more interested in my bid. I think you have a lot of work, but it seems clutches your finger is quite busy. You hand it seems more important than our country's export.
Words onassis was hit. The Minister looks impressed, and he began to talk seriously with Onassis. After that, negotiations between Greece and Argentina in the open again.
End of the year 1922 marks a major decision for the life of Onassis. Failure as the first ship owner does not make it back to keep the money in the embed that. He is infatuated akan shipping. It was moved by inner confidence that only ships that will take him to the ladder of success. So, all dikumpulkannya own money, which was already sizable, and go to London. It was a new age of 26 years. He has been known for a reputation as a bold entrepreneur, especially after penunjukannya as Greek Consul General in Buenos Aires. However, the diplomatic impound lot is not the time.
Market, which suffered heavily due to the fall of Wall Street capital markets in 1929, provide good opportunities for the investors. Ships become cheaper, far below the original price. The most good is to buy ships aged 10 annual. Nine-ton ship of the original price $ 1,000,000, is now only sold $ 20,000 in demand, roughly the price of a Rolls-Royce. What the Onassis while still a child now will be repeated, but the goods are bekasnya ship.
Although the business is now in London. Onassis purchased its first ship, the two old ships, each worth $ 20,000, in Montreal. Both ships are named Miller and Spinner, changed its name to Socrates Onassis and the Onassis Penelope, as a tribute to both parents. To get hit in the shipping business, consider pentinglah tide cargo costs and make the right decision. Onassis able in this case.
More than that, he was optimistic that never move back. With keberaniannya and adventurous nature, he soon prominent among the Greek ship-owners who have a certain in London, because they do not like, he does not have any thoughts about the economic crisis. They are, he does not instill fear of the money.
Hustle and diplomacy default quickly take him to the high class society. Should not be overlooked, one of the roads in pelicin to kenaikannya elite class is a relationship with one woman simpanannya the first, from the beautiful Dedichen Norway Ingeborg, daughter of a famous ship owner.
Nature that makes it easy road Onassis is the ability to listen to people. Indeed, speech fluency and flexibility play an important role in encouraging and pushing people to accept our ideas and our own. But not banyaklah people who know how to properly listen to other people. Most rich people in this book have been learning skills, so they do not always understand just what is known opponent by talking, but also to adjust with them. Thus, in order to able to influence people and get a guarantee that they will help in the journey to success, people must start with people who know the faces. Onassis was a specialist in listening skills. Lord Moran, who wrote the book The Great Onassis, perhaps because he himself does not use this skill, tidk breathe Onassis ability to listen to other people. In fact all the people associated with the Onassis impressed by this excess. When they are faced with Onassis, he gives the impression that they are the most important man in the world.
Because of this ability, Onassis actually can be a good political experts. This talent is used properly by Onassis, as witnessed by the beauty of Norway in catatannya:
A young man full of charm that can adapt to any situation that this mimics the opponent to be talking with so perfect. While there are people who interpret this as a sleight ingenuity, as other people call this hypocrisy and consider membunglon sheer brilliance. But I believe in listening proficiency is a way to give special attention to the sincere people and the world. Accidental, Onassis during her life has no sense of thirst who will take pride of knowledge in addition to a strong power ingatnya. He had power of concentration that has been highly developed.
The ability to listen to other people is one of the vital characteristics of every good salesman. That is why Onassis was a salesman of extremes. Walter Saunders, who is clearly not a simple-minded because he was a tax adviser for metropolitan Life, describes the kesannya Greek ship owners about this:
There is a feeling in myself that the person who is able to enthusiastically sell cooling equipment to the Eskimo. But I also have a role that every detail has been prepared completely in advance. Most people who met with the Onassis feel the influence of power persuasifnya and Onassis did not feel that berimprovisasi in the steps, but already know everything in the file catatannya to detail-details.
At the year 1947, Onassis pass the threshold in a brilliant career. For the first time in his life he will begin to systematically apply the principle known as OPM (Other People's Money, Money Others UOL), by borrowing from the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company of $ 40 million to build new ships. As a strategy it uses an oil company as a partner. Onassis will carry oil and their contract will remain valid until the utmost limit of debt. Because the oil companies at that time very terandalkan, borrowing the name of the company was very easy. In a certain sense, the body's financial lend money to oil companies, not to Onassis. Onassis often remember that time with berbangga themselves. Say that the rich oil companies in connection with the ships Onassis is like a tenant with a house with dihuninya pay rent. If the rent is a Rockefeller, not be a problem if the roof leaks or bergenting gold. If Rockefeller menyanggupi pay the money it cost, who are willing to lend money to take the house. The situation is also valid for ships Onasssis.
This principle is now very commonplace. This is the basic principle of all investment real-estate development. When a borrow money for building a business, the banks actually lend money to the building tenants. They will return the money, except the building is owned by an investor. This principle is at the time of Onassis quite revolutionary, and keorisinal ideas Onassis praiseworthy because most boat owners Yunnai at that time hold on the principle: How can the ship, pay cash.
Although he was far innovators he does not use the methods of the competitors, it is not the inventor OPM, although he may claim so. This concept is born from the brain of Daniel Ludwig, a rich American businessman. He had begun to infuse money in the ship armadanya even far more superior than the property Onassis and then switch to the real estate business. Already since 1930-an Ludwig develop what soon became common practice everywhere. Ideas that appear in benaknya after a request to reject the Bank borrows the money will be use to buy ships and a tanker merombaknya. Onassis died on 15 March 1975, but in the end he hayatnya to ask one of akuntannya whether he can say the size of the benefits that it has quickly rounding the number to ten dollars.

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